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Organized for simple reference and an important perform, assurance of the entire crucial themes provided as 500 AP-style questions with particular solution explanations

5 Steps to a five: 500 AP Human Geography inquiries to comprehend by way of try out Day is adapted to fulfill your learn needs—whether you have got left it to the final minute to organize otherwise you were learning for months. you are going to take advantage of going over the questions written to parallel the subject, layout, and measure of hassle of the questions inside the AP examination, followed by means of solutions with entire explanations.


  • 500 AP-style questions and solutions referenced to center AP materials
  • Review motives for correct and incorrect answers
  • Additional on-line practice
  • Close simulations of the genuine AP exams
  • Updated fabric displays the most recent tests
  • Online perform exercises

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In 1997, Pakistan and the United Kingdom experienced the two-way nature of migration. Which of the following is true regarding that migration pattern? (A) The migration in both ways was equal. (B) More people migrated from Pakistan to the UK. (C) More people migrated from the UK to Pakistan. (D) The migration to the UK was the countermigration. (E) The migration to Pakistan was the dominant migration. 102. All of the following are examples of forced migration EXCEPT (A) the Trail of Tears in the early 19th century (B) the Atlantic slave trade (C) the California gold rush in the mid-19th century (D) the Irish Potato Famine from 1846 to 1850 (E) the Japanese internment camps during World War II 103.

A) Dead Sea (B) Ganges River (C) Mount Fuji (D) Sahara Desert (E) Tierra del Fuego 164. All of the following are traits common to Muslim regions of the world EXCEPT (A) fasting (B) pilgrimage (C) Sharia law (D) polytheism (E) daily ritual prayers 165. All of the following are true of language isolates like Basque and Ainu EXCEPT (A) They have no demonstrable connection to other known existing world languages. (B) Constructed languages like Esperanto also fit within the definition of a language isolate.

D) Many language isolates are in danger of extinction due to declining numbers of native speakers. (E) Korean, for which no connection to other Sino-Tibetan languages has been proven, is considered the most widely spoken language isolate. 166. A reconstructed language from which a number of related, modern languages all derive is known as a(n) (A) protolanguage (B) artifact (C) Creole language (D) standard dialect (E) pidgin language 167. The English language belongs to which of the following branches of the Indo-European language family?

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