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By W. F. Kirby

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The beautiful shades and shapes of butterflies — and their wonderful spectrum of problematic markings — are rendered with significant precision on sixty one full-color plates. Imaginations will take flight with butterflies and moths of each relatives, in addition to info of pupa, eyes, antennae, and the winged bugs' favourite plants.

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Gnophia rubricollis Fig. 11. Emydia striata Fig. 12, a, b. Deiopeia pulchella Fig. 13, a, b. Euchelia jacobaeae A. Lichen Parmelia stellaris B. Lichen Usnea florida C. Gromwell Pulmonaria officinalis D. Ragwort Senecio jacobaea E. Forget-me-not Myosotis palustris Plate 22 LIPARIDAE—NOTODONTIDAE Fig. 1. Orgyia gonostigma Fig. 2, a–c. Orgyia antiqua Fig. 3. Dasychira selenitica Fig. 4, a–c. Dasychira fascelina Fig. 5, a–c. Dasychira pudibunda Fig. 6, a, b. Dasychira abietis Fig. 7, a, b. Cnethocampa processionea Fig.

3. Pachnobia carnea Fig. 4. Episema trimacula Fig. 5. Clidia chamaesyces Fig. 6. Tapinostola bondii Fig. 7. Stilbia anomala Fig. 8, a–c. Brithys pancratii Fig. 9. Eogena contaminei Fig. 10, a, b. Raphia hybris Fig. 11. Acosmetia caleginosa Fig. 12. Arsilonche albovenosa A. Black Poplar Populus nigra B. Pancratium maritimum Plate 53 NOCTUAE Fig. 1. Dianthoecia capsophila Fig. 2. Polyphaenis sericata Fig. 3. Cleophana anarrhini Fig. 4. Miselia bimaculosa Fig. 5. Jaspidea celsia Fig. 6. Dianthoecia caesia Fig.

7. Vanessa ichnusa Fig. 8. Spilothyrus lavaterae Fig. 9. Pamphila nostrodamus Fig. 10, a, b. Gonepteryx rhamni (larva and pupa) A. Buckthorn Rhamnus frangula B. Sinapis incana Plate 50 RHOPALOCERA Fig. 1. Satyrus roxelana Fig. 2. Oeneis aëllo Fig. 3, a, b. Satyrus achine Fig. 4, a, b. Triphysa phryne Fig. 5. Caenonympha oedipus Fig. 6, a, b. Epinephile lycaon Fig. 7. Caenonympha hero Fig. 8. Polyommatus orion Fig. 9. Polyommatus pheretes Fig. 10. Polyommatus cyllarus Fig. 11. Polyommatus damon Fig.

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