New PDF release: A book of Russian idioms, illustrated

By M. I Dubrovin

ISBN-10: 0080235948

ISBN-13: 9780080235943

The Russian language is very idiomatic. The idioms, half and parcel of the language, upload immensely to its richness. Their sort is accounted for via the old improvement of the Russian language. often Russian idioms are a stumbling block for non-Russian audio system, as they fail to appreciate Russian, either written and spoken, with no the mastery of a adequate variety of idioms, particularly these which happen so much frequently.
This booklet is meant basically for English conversing scholars of Russian who've an information of the necessities of Russian grammar and are conversant in a uncomplicated Russian vocabulary.

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Cf. One' hair tands on end. 55 68. BOT nu: e06AKA lAPLITA vot gd'e sobaka zaryta Here 's where the dog is buried. That's the main reason, the main poin t ; that's where the problem lies. er. That's the heart of the matter; that's the crux of the matter. 11•��== g ·· eo •• 0 -===- 0 •• •• 69. page into something. To make a discovery ; to do something outstanding, prominent in some field. er. To add a fresh page to something. 56 70. HT ICOMy-JIH60 jJ v podm'otki n'e goditsa Not fit to be soles of someone 's shoes.

B 33-96 33. l(HY Kyqy valit' v odnu kuchu To throw everything · into one heap. :is To put together, to mix up indiscriminately ; to lump everything together. 34. BAJUITh C 60JlbHOA rOJIOBhl HA 1)1,0POBYJO valit' s bol'noy gol ory na zdorovuyu To shift something from an ailing head onto the one that doesn't ail. To blame someone else for one's own fault: Cf. To l1y one's bl1me 1t someone else's door; to shift the bl1me on someone. 35. BAJBITbCJI lf3 PYK valittsa iz ruk To fall out of one's hands.

Or a someone. To be on intimate· terms with someone. Cf. To be on footing with 32 friendly good/friendly 24. ITL HA HO)UX byt' na nozhakh To be on the knives. To display mutual hostility. er. To be at dagers drawn; to be at swords' points with someone. 25. MOM HE:&E byt' na To be s'cd'm6m n'eb'e in the seventh heaven. To be overfilled with joy, to be supremely happy or satisfied. er. To tread/walk on air; to be In seventh heaven. 33 26. l>LITb HE B cem:A TAPEJIKE byt' n'e v svoyey tar'elk'e To be not in one's personal plate.

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