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By by Susan Smythe Kung.

This dissertation is a complete description of the grammar of Huehuetla Tepehua (HT), that's a member of the Totonacan language kin. HT is spoken through fewer than 1500 humans in and round the city of Huehuetla, Hidalgo, within the japanese Sierra Madre mountains of the significant Gulf Coast area of Mexico. This grammar starts with an advent to the language, its language kin, and its environment, in addition to a  Read more...

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Aq] ‘kite’ ‘squash’ ‘cap’, ‘stopper’ ‘spoon’ In word final position, the stops are optionally unreleased (2). siik] [taq] ~ [taq] 37 ‘palm’ ‘saliva’ ‘vein’, ‘vine’ ‘thrush’ In connected speech, when /p/, /t/, or /k/ occurs between two voiced sounds, such as a nasal and a vowel or a vowel and a vowel, it is optionally voiced (3). I do not have any examples in which /q/ is voiced in this environment. li] ‘my father’ ‘where’ ‘VOC compadre’ The stop /q/ may also occur as the first member of a two-consonant syllable-final cluster in which the other member is an affricate, /tz, ch/.

It was only after working with don Antonio that I fully appreciated what a dedicated linguistic consultant don Nicolás was. Don Antonio was 76 years old that summer. He tired easily, and he was somewhat hard of hearing, both of which made him lose patience easily with the repetitious rootdictionary task that Dr. Kaufman had assigned to us. Don Antonio was missing 12 most of his front teeth, which made him difficult for me to understand, and he spoke an antiquated, agrarian Spanish that I was not familiar with.

However, the most obvious omission from this grammar is an analysis of HT discourse. Because of time constraints, I have chosen not to include a chapter dedicated to discourse. However, if one reads the other chapters closely, s/he will find bits of information about the discourse dispersed throughout the grammar. 2) in the phonemic inventory of Huehuetla Tepehua. 3—to write HT. In subsequent chapters, I use only the practical orthography. 1 Consonants There are twenty-one native HT consonant phonemes.

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A descriptive grammar of Huehuetla Tepehua by by Susan Smythe Kung.

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