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2 Postpositions on Nominalized Sentences When the noun phrase is developed as a sentence, the nominalizer -Vm is suffixed to the last element in the sentence--the verb or auxiliary--and the postposition is suffixed to the -Vm with an epenthetic vowel if the postposition is a clitic. a'b-a-am-a-t do-I,impf-nom-epen V-by, by my doing a'tu xa'do t-a-k'mee-m-ih taa'ga blyaakit-'t-a you meat you-impf-eat-nom-for because-of sick-you-impf You are sick because of eating meat. 'oson dlgi 'r-ee-n-im-l-k'sa taan-ee-'nl they play-perf-pl-nom-V-after tired-perf-pl They are tired after playing.

2. 3. :Qe of marker Noun phrase complement Relative sentence Sentence or verb phrase complement -Vm is added to Finite verb end of sentence No marker Finite verb Different verbs select different medals: (a) No complementizer: (a) Aspect is lost 1. Subjunctive -u but person and 2. Jussive -ay number are retained (b) Infinitive com( b) Aspect, perplementizer: son, and number are lost 1. - i 2. - 'e ob'be (1) gee-'e-e-m go-you-perf-nom I heard, I heard that you went. ) (2) y-e-mee'te ab'ba t-u-b'le he-perf-came father you-perf-saw You saw the father who came.

John 12:39; cf. 21:6) The verb xin refuses in the Northern dialect may take a subjunctive complement (in the Aussa dialect it takes the 'e infinitive used with other verbs of negation). 36 A Generative Grammar of Afar ba'El-i 'yab 'y-abb-u xi'n-e 'num son's word he-hear-subj refuse-he,perf man 'waar 'ma-y-ab'l-a (John 3:36) life not-he-see-impf A man who refused to hear the son's word does not see life. (In the Aussa dialect ab'b-e would be used instead of 'y-abb-u,) The verb usxub (uxsub North) think in the sense of also takes a subjunctive complement.

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