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Not surprisingly, the need to produce a controlled prolonged airstream directed orally to produce frication was Seven episodes with Cued Articulation 37 4443-A HANDFUL OF SOUNDS TXT 27/4/04 4:02 PM Page 38 a difficult task. , using CA on fricatives. We used the cue to emphasise the role of the articulators (as opposed to the breath stream) in producing the sounds. In the instances previously described, work on fricatives in a phonological process framework had emphasised the manner of the sound, reflected in the extended movement of the hand in forming the cue.

For example, the children were asked to listen to one of the two sounds and hold up the corresponding letter or sound picture. Some of the children found this easy in isolation, but had difficulty hearing the sounds at the beginning or end of words. The children were taught the graphemes, which use the same sound; for example, ‘k’ and ‘c’ or ‘s’ and ‘c’. The colour coding was used to emphasise the sound produced by the two graphemes. The colour coding also proved useful to help the children understand digraphs like ‘ph’, ‘sh’ and ‘ch’ where a single sound is produced.

It provides a visual cue to encapsulate what’s happening in the mouth. • For those children for whom speech does not come automatically, it provides visual reference points, such as tongue position, length of sound, and voicing, that they will need to become conscious of and work on. • CA signs are very powerful. For example, making the sign for ‘sh’ seems inevitably to draw the lips forward and rounded into the required position! • Some children have difficulty with phonemic constancy, (understanding that the ‘p’ at the beginning of ‘pot’ is the same sound as the ‘p’ at the end of ‘hop’, even though they are very different acoustically, and that the spread lips ‘s’ at the beginning of ‘see’ is the same sound as the rounded lips ‘s’ at the beginning of ‘Sue’, even though they look very different).

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