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Reduced evaporation associated less and high lake fitrandlines here must also be with lower summer temperatures (5" C. and more) assigned in good part to greater precipitation. ,so that it overflowed into the interiors. A tentative picture of the W ü r m age Black Sea. For details see [87,p. 320-391,[26, p. 27-32, vegetation of Eurasia is given by Frenzel and Troll [50], p. 87-97] and [45, p. 234-361. Of further interest of the Near East by Butzer [26], the main features in the semi-arid region is the temperate or even of which have been reproduced in Fig.

Regarding the first appearance of M a n in Lhe N e w World, anthropologists are far from agreement. ) could possibly have beeii effected during the Early Wisconsin period. For that matter southward progress would not have been difficult during the earlier half of Wisconsin time, before the ice had attained continental dimensions. A tentative but illustrative reconstruction of the Wisconsin age pluvio-glacial climate has been made by Dillon [39]. Climatic change in arid regions since the Pliocene THE E A RLY 1-1O L O CENE : E NV IR O NM ENT AND ECOLOGY IN NEOLITHIC AND EAR LY H I S TO RICA L TIM E S As already discussed, full aridity, often exceeding that of the present, was achieved some 15,000 years ago.

Interglacial (interpluvial). Alast factor, not yet fully analysed, is the question of the absolute intensity of the circulation in the sense of the upper air wind velocities and the rate of the condensation cycle. One could suggest the warmdry and cool-dryperiods as characterized by a general slackening of,the condensation cycle and a lower vapour content o€ the atmosphere, and vice verba. A possible explanation would be the temperature gradient between pole and equator;also, for example, the present-day contrasts between summer and winter.

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